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Avoiding A Relationship Red Card During The World Cup

Family Lawyers Urge Respect From Partners During World Cup As They Anticipate Rise In Enquiries


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

A leading family lawyer is urging football fans to be aware of the needs of their partners during the World Cup in Brazil to avoid the possibility of receiving a red card on their relationship from their spouse.

John Nicholson, a specialist divorce and family lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s London office, says spending the Summer watching the world’s finest players compete in Brazil, rather than interacting with our other halves, can widen the cracks in already strained relationships.

Following the most recent World Cups Irwin Mitchell, which has offices across the country, has seen a rise in enquiries about divorce and separation agreements and is anticipating a boost in calls once again from spouses feeling relegated to the subs bench.

Divorce lawyers at the firm say that the highly charged atmosphere most fans experience throughout the duration of the World Cup, which starts on June 12 in Brazil, and especially during England’s games, could spark a rise in arguments at home.

John explained: "It’s unlikely that people would get divorced just because of the football, but emotions run high during football matches and any little cracks that have been developing for a while may become wider as arguments escalate.

“With so many matches grouped together in a short space of time the most common complaints are people not focussing on their partners or families and spending all summer in the pub, or in front of the TV.

“With the time difference in Brazil meaning many games will run long into the night it’s likely that many will be accompanied by extended drinking sessions either to celebrate or drown sorrows, and in this environment any relationships already in some trouble could find themselves drifting further apart.”

Recent research commissioned by Irwin Mitchell showed that 41% of couples going through a rough patch said spending quality time together was crucial to saving their relationship, while 29% said date nights were important, but lawyers fear that if not approached in the right way the World Cup could limit the opportunities for couples.

John added: "Many people coming to us cite lack of attention, becoming detached and their partners not showing an interest in their life as important drivers for their separation and ultimately divorce. It’s important that both partners remain respectful of the others feelings when major events like the World Cup are on.

“I would encourage football fans to think about the many existing pressures we exert on our relationships and compromise a little, perhaps by making a special effort to enjoy some quality time with their partners. While their partners may want to try watching a match or two or arrange to see their other non-football obsessed friends instead.

“Most people will be able to find a happy balance with their partners, and hopefully this time the England team can have a good tournament and create a feel-good factor back home.”

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