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Mother Takes Legal Action Against Care Service After Disabled Daughter Left To Roll Down A Hill

Mum Says Daughter’s Life Put In Danger As Wheelchair Brakes “Not Applied”


A distraught and angry mother has instructed law firm Irwin Mitchell to take action against a care company after one of its workers is alleged to have left her daughter’s wheelchair unattended without brakes on, putting her in a life threatening situation as she careered down a sloping pavement.
Lisa Conisbee, 27, of Third Avenue, Northamptonshire has cerebral palsy and is wheelchair dependent. She also suffers from spinal problems, epilepsy and partial blindness.

On 23 April 2013, Lisa was taking a trip to Rushden town centre by bus with two care workers who were employed by Olympus Care Services. What was supposed to be a nice day out for Lisa turned into a nightmare when her wheelchair started rolling down the slope on Skinner Hill, putting Lisa in an immediately life threatening situation.

Lisa’s chair picked up momentum and she fell into the road off a high kerb, landing on her head and leaving her with injuries to her face, hands and knees.

Lisa’s distraught mother, Penny Nadal is now taking legal action against the care provider, instructing lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to bring justice for her daughter.

Specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are now investigating allegations that the worker left Lisa unattended on a slope without the brakes being applied.

Sophie Davies, an expert personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, representing the family, has called for Olympus Care Services, which has denied liability, to work with the law firm to resolve the case quickly and fairly.

She said: “This is a truly shocking incident and if Lisa’s wheelchair had collided with oncoming traffic we could be talking about an entirely different outcome.

“Lisa has suffered enough through life as she has battled through various disabilities and learning difficulties. The family put their trust in the care providers to ensure Lisa could have a safe and fun day out but sadly it seems as though this was not the case.

“We will now be investigating the evidence and pushing for a quick solution to this situation. The worst part of this for Lisa is the psychological outcome rather than the physical injuries.

“To Lisa, her wheelchair is a safe place to be and in her mind carers are safe people to be with, but this trust has been shattered and she is forced into yet another setback in her life. We need to investigate why Lisa was left unattended and why she was allowed to roll down a slope.

“For the sake of Lisa and her mother we hope that this situation is concluded quickly so she can move on with her life and refocus attention on getting the best care for Lisa.”

Speaking of the horrific ordeal, Lisa’s mother Penny, commented: “To say I am absolutely appalled and angry is an understatement. My daughter was placed in the carers hands to be looked after and you have to have an understanding of trust. I feel betrayed that this has happened to Lisa and just want to understand exactly how it could happen.

“My daughter has suffered her whole life and this will leave a lasting mental scar. Trust has to be earned with my daughter and she always felt safe in her wheel chair but this incident has left her traumatised. If a vehicle had been coming the other way she could have been killed.

“When the paramedics phoned me I could hear Lisa screaming. They were concerned because she suffers from seizures which can sometimes last over an hour which again is life threatening.

“I don’t believe the brakes could have been applied, otherwise she would never have rolled down the hill. She should have never been left on her own in the first place.

“Lisa has been left with a scar above her eye and the injury took two months to recover. Since the accident she has been very quiet and subdued and is nowhere near as happy as she used to be. She has even said things like ‘don’t let them tip me out’ when getting in her wheelchair.

“My poor girl has been through enough and I hope this can come to a quick conclusion so we can just move on with our lives.”

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