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Drivers Urged To Take Extra Care On Icy Roads

Woman Suffered Back Injuries During Vehicle Crash In Staffordshire


Motorists in the UK have been warned to take extra care when travelling on icy roads.

A number of accidents have been reported in the past week, as temperatures have continued to drop.

Staffordshire Police have urged vehicle owners to be vigilant following several incidents across the county.

In one case, a woman had to be cut free from her car after she skidded on black ice while travelling on Yarnfield Lane in Stone earlier this week (14 January). She was taken to hospital with back injuries.

Speaking to BBC News, Chief Insp Phil Fortune said: "Temperatures dropped overnight and there was a substantial amount of ice on untreated, mainly rural roads.

"The local councils were out gritting but they can't cover everything so the message is for motorists to take extra care."

According to the Highways Agency, 12 accidents were reported across the county in the space of just over four hours, as black ice caused chaos on the roads.

Although the latest figures from the Department for Transport showed the number of road collisions that result in fatalities or serious injury continues to fall in the UK, there is usually a spike in incidents at this time of year.

As well as maintaining high concentration levels, drivers have also been advised to ensure their vehicles are fit to be driven on hazardous roads.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said the recent floods in certain parts of the UK have led to huge problems, with standing water causing motorists to lose control of their vehicles.

Aquaplaning occurs when a car loses traction with the road and Mr Jackson has called on all motorists to check their tyres on a regular basis.

"The checks are incredibly easy to make, but they could make the world of difference to your safety on the road," he remarked.

He also advised drivers to follow guidelines provided by the AA when travelling on potentially dangerous roads. These include holding the steering wheel lightly and taking your foot off the throttle if your car starts to aquaplane.

Expert Opinion
We often see an increase in accidents around this time of year due to the cold weather which can cause black ice on our roads.

“Drivers need to not only drive more carefully and improve concentration levels, but also make sure their vehicle is roadworthy to cope with hazardous conditions. This includes simple steps such as ensuring tyres are at the correct pressure level and familiarising with the recommendations on driving safely in winter conditions. It is easily overlooked.

“I have acted on behalf of clients who have been injured as a result of other drivers not being prepared or driving appropriately for the conditions they face in winter months. Some are left needing long-term rehabilitation and care which we work to secure, but ultimately wouldn’t have been necessary had more care been taken by a driver.

“Just because a road has been gritted, drivers still need to remain vigilant and be mindful of the potential dangers. Parts of the road may have been missed and some roads may have not been covered at all.”
Neil Whiteley, Partner

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