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Man Left Blind In One Eye After Doctors Failed To Diagnose Glaucoma

Expert Medical Lawyers Secure Substantial Undisclosed Settlement


A man left blind in one eye after doctors failed to diagnose and treat a serious eye condition has spoken of his ordeal in a bid to raise awareness of the condition which forced him to give up his business.

The 52-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, had been under the care of ophthalmologists (eye specialists) since the age of three as he suffers from a pre-existing hereditary condition called Marfan syndrome - a genetic disorder of the connective tissue which can cause the lens to dislocate.

In June 2009 a specialist at Skipton Hospital Airedale NHS Trust failed to diagnose and treat glaucoma in his left eye which led to permanent optic and disc damage as well as loss of vision which is a known complication of the condition.

As a result of the damage to his eye, the man who worked as a software specialist and ran a business with his wife was forced to close the company as it couldn’t continue without his skills and expertise.

The father-of-two instructed specialist medical lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who secured him a substantial undisclosed settlement taking into account the significant loss of vision along with his loss of earnings.

Marfan’s syndrome can affect many parts of the body including the bones, eyes, heart and blood vessels. The severity of the symptoms can vary considerably; with some people only experiencing mild symptoms, whereas others can experience more severe symptoms which can have a devastating impact on their daily life.

Commenting on his case, he said: “I was completely devastated when I lost the vision in my eye; especially to a condition for which there is a cure. Having had Marfan’s all my life; I have been extra vigilant in seeking medical help when necessary.  Losing my sight has had a dramatic impact on my life; not only have I had to adapt my daily routines but my wife and I have been forced to close our business as it heavily relied on my skill set.

“I am especially keen to emphasise that patients with Marfan’s syndrome are particularly vulnerable and need extra vigilance in their care and in the monitoring of their eyesight.  I hope, at least that my case will raise awareness of Marfan’s syndrome amongst doctors and help ensure that others get the care they need.

“After three years I am relieved that the case has come to a close and I hope that mistakes like this are avoided in the future.”

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