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Horse Rider Left With Chronic Shoulder Pain Following Botched Surgery

Expert Medical Lawyers Secure Six-Figure Settlement For Rehabilitation


A woman left living with constant pain in her shoulder following substandard surgery by a private surgeon after she fell from her horse has received a six-figure settlement to help with her recovery.

Caroline Jeanne, from Albourne, in West Sussex, fell from her horse in May 2008 dislocating her left shoulder and was taken to A&E at the Princess Royal Hospital, West Sussex. She was then referred to a private surgeon for treatment where she had multiple operations to repair the damage.

Unfortunately errors during the initial surgery have now left her in constant pain and Caroline instructed specialist medical lawyers to investigate and secure her a settlement to help with her recovery.

Following her accident Caroline was referred to a private surgeon who was based at Nuffield Hospital in Haywards Heath and after MRI scans it was recommended she undergo shoulder surgery to repair the damage. On 23 September 2008 the surgeon inserted two metal screws into her shoulder socket to secure the injury.

However, expert medical evidence secured by law firm Irwin Mitchell found that he failed to use the correct metal screws and ensure that they were correctly inserted into the bone which caused damage to the shoulder joint. Irwin Mitchell has now secured a six-figure settlement for the pain and suffering caused and to cover Caroline’s future care and likely future surgery costs.

Expert Opinion
Caroline has been left with chronic pain for the past five years following what should have been routine shoulder surgery after which her recovery time should have had a minimal impact on her life.

“Instead she has been left in constant pain and has had to endure multiple further surgeries and procedures. The effect of her injuries has been life-changing. She requires assistance with many day to day tasks and is no longer able to fully enjoy her love of horse-riding. However, we are pleased that the settlement has now been agreed and that Caroline can continue with her recovery and rehabilitation.

“We can only hope that lessons have been learned from this case and that better training is implemented where necessary.”
Marcos Eleftheriou, Associate

Since the accident, Caroline suffers pain in her left shoulder, with any movement aggravating her condition. She is rarely able to go a day without needing pain relief and is unable to lift her arm above 90 degrees which affects her work as an equestrian coach. She will also need more surgery in the future on her shoulder.

Commenting on her case, Caroline said: “I was incredibly disappointed by the treatment I received under the care of the surgeon at Nuffield Hospital. I expected to make a quick recovery as I thought it was a simple operation, but instead, years down the line I am still in almost constant pain.

“The last few years have really taken its toll on my life, as I am still receiving treatment and having to rely on pain relief on a daily basis to manage my pain, but I am relieved that now the legal proceedings are over and that I can now begin to look to the future.”

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