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Clacton ‘Gas Explosion’: Support For Victims Must Come First

Community Deserves Answers, According To Lawyers Of Salford Blast Families


Authorities must ensure victims of a major explosion in a residential area of Clacton, Essex are given the best possible support to aid their recovery from the physical and psychological injuries they have suffered, according to legal experts who have represented those affected by similar incidents.

Ten people have been injured, two seriously, in the blast which has reportedly destroyed two houses and damaged a third property on Cloes Lane in the town.

It is thought that 19 properties have been evacuated following the incident, with the National Grid stating it involved a gas-fuelled fire coming from a service pipe. A nearby school has been closed as a precaution.

Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell specialise in providing support to victims of serious injury and notably helped five victims of a gas explosion in Salford, Manchester in 2010 to gain justice and access to tailored rehabilitation and support following the incident.

Expert Opinion
While very little remains known about the incident, we know from our involvement in cases related to the Salford gas explosion the huge effect this will have had on the local community as a whole.

"As well as causing significant physical injuries, an incident of this nature can also have a huge psychological impact on those involved – with those affected facing the prospect of losing their homes and also many of their belongings. The priority at present must be to ensure that victims can gain access to the specialist support and therapy they will need on both fronts.

"Following that, attention will undoubtedly need to turn to the circumstances surrounding the explosion and the ultimate cause of the incident. Emergency services will be working to gather as much information as possible regarding the blast and this is likely to prove pivotal in ensuring answers can be found regarding how this happened.

"Such information will also pay key role in providing some indication as to whether lessons can be learned from this awful incident which can then be used to reduce the risk of such an explosion happening again."
Colin Ettinger, Partner

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