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Care Home Rapped By CQC Over 'Cold Conditions'

A Care Home In Derby Has Been Told It Must Improve, After An Inspection Found A Number Of Failings


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

Brookside Care Home in Derby has been told that it must improve, after an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) found a number of shortfalls.

One of the main failings identified by the agency was that elderly residents were not given help when they were too cold.

In one case a person complained that the room was not warm enough. A senior care assistant then checked a thermometer that said the temperature was 22 degrees C, but the resident still felt cold.

The carer then, according to the CQC, did not offer a blanket or jumper and generally failed to "accept the person was cold".

In another area of the building, it was found that a window was broken and that it could not be closed properly.

Once again, the senior care assistant failed to take action, stating that the heating was on - but the inspector commented that the bedroom was substantially colder than any other areas of the building.

Recordkeeping was also an area highlighted for improvement, with the CQC concluding that care plans were "not accurate and fit for purpose".

A personal emergency evacuation document that outlined what should be done in the case of a natural disaster, fire or other hazard did not have all of the residents' details included, meaning their extraction could be put at risk.

"We saw that one person had information in their care plan relating to managing their epilepsy that was not accurate or fit for purpose. The information contained within the care plan was dangerous," the inspector added.

"People were not protected against the risks of unsafe or inappropriate care because the provider was not keeping accurate records."

Brookside Care Home has now been told to fill out a report outlining how it will improve in the coming weeks as part of a wider attempt to avoid any sanctions.

This will then be followed up by an unannounced inspection later in 2014.

Expert Opinion
Brookside care home is yet another in a long line of centres that have been criticised by the CQC in the past year.

“It is vital that standards are improved to help protect the residents which are some of the most vulnerable people in society.

“The consequences of failings in a care home can be devastating for the victims and their families so it is imperative that the management take on board the CQC’s findings and improve as soon as impossible.”
Lisa Jordan, Partner

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