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Calverton Hill Blasted By CQC For Failings

Calverton Hill Hospital In Nottingham Has Been Told It Must Improve By The CQC


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has told Calverton Hill Hospital that it must improve after a number of issues were found in an inspection.

After failing in previous investigations launched by the CQC, the organisation was keen to see whether improvements had been made.

However, it quickly became apparent that significant issues remained at the hospital, which provides low and medium security units for people with mental health problems.

While complaint handling, care and consent - three of the key criteria assessed by the CQC - were found to meet national standards, it was found the medical facility was not doing enough to manage its drug stocks effectively.

Refrigerators that are used to store prescribed medications between two and eight degrees C were found not to be within the accepted range - potentially putting patients at risk of serious harm.

On one ward it was found that there was a temperature outside of the acceptable range in a fridge 242 times in a single year, with the mean temperature dropping below zero degrees C on 123 days of the year.

Similar issues were discovered in other areas of the hospital, with the Newstead ward leaving one fridge unlocked so that patients could potentially access the medication - a particularly pressing issue considering Calverton Hill specialises in mental health issues.

A report released by the CQC contained this statement: "We found that the provider had not taken appropriate steps to ensure compliance and protect patients.

"We found that the refrigerators used to store prescribed medication on Rufford ward and Newstead ward did not have a temperature that remained consistently within the recommended range."

The CQC has now given executives at Calverton Hill a deadline by which they must produce a report outlining what measures they will take to improve in the coming months.

After this has been received, the CQC will make an unannounced inspection to ensure standards are being met.

Expert Opinion
The findings of the CQC are worrying and it is concerning to see that despite a previous inspection, the hospital still has significant issues that can put patients at risk. Storing medication at incorrect temperatures is a serious error and one that must be sorted out immediately.

“This is a situation we are unfortunately too familiar with as we act on behalf of many vulnerable patients and their families whose care has been substandard as a result of similar failings. Patient safety and care should be the top priority for any healthcare provider and it is essential that Calverton Hill Hospital now takes the appropriate steps to improve standards in the failed areas as quickly as possible.

“This is another opportunity for the hospital to prove that there are measures in place to improve the failings and with patient health in mind and an unannounced visit from the CQC to come, it is to be hoped that they can show how they have learned from their mistakes."
Mandy Luckman, Partner

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