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SME Employees 'Think Beyond The Payslip'

Survey Reveals Perceived Benefits Of Working For SMEs


Better management, better work-life balance and a friendly working atmosphere are all reasons employees like working for SMEs instead of larger corporations, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by Nescafe Alegria.

Some 82% of the 1,200 SME employees surveyed cited friendly colleagues as one of the main things that makes them happy at work. 55% of employees also said being able to get to know more of their co-workers was an advantage.

Meanwhile, 45% of employees said having a closer relationship with their manager or supervisor made them happy at work, and 41% appreciated having a bigger say in what happens in the company.

Other positive attributes highlighted by the survey included flexible working hours and a good management structure.

"Our research findings show that a choice of workplace doesn't just come down to monetary and materialistic benefits these days - we are seeing more people opting for motivational perks and thinking beyond the payslip," said Katrina Webb, category manager for Nescafe Alegria.

Expert Opinion
Many people are attracted to working in small operations, with many perceiving that such environments often allow them to foster close-knit relations with fellow workers and their management which would not be possible in a larger structure.

"This is obviously a great boost for SMEs, but there may also be lessons for larger competitors to learn as they look to develop their operations and put systems in place to ensure that talented and skilled individuals remain motivated and engaged in their positions.

"Having a proper understanding of key employment law regulations can be a massive help in this regard and we would urge businesses of all sizes to ensure they have the policies and systems in place to foster a positive working environment."
Steven Beahan, Partner

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