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Nottinghamshire Trials E-Courtbundles In Family Proceedings

Digital System For Court Documents Could Save Time And Money


A pilot programme in Nottinghamshire could see sweeping changes to the ways papers are prepared and presented at family law proceedings all over the country.

Nottinghamshire Family Court trialled the use of E-Courtbundles last month, a new system that digitises many of the crucial documents used in live court hearings.

The programme saw laptops provided for judicial use and a computer monitor set up for the witness table, rather than the traditional lever arch files full of documents.

Documents can be sent instantly via secure online file transfer services, and the system allows the Judge to access important documents.

It is believed that E-Courtbundles can be compiled and indexed in minutes, while a manual court file can take several hours to produce. The digital format also makes it quicker and easier to search for relevant data when needed.

Nottinghamshire County Council solicitor Geoff Russell said another advantage of the system is that it needs little investment in new equipment or software.

"We know that criminal courts are moving towards the digital agenda but both the Nottingham Family Court and Nottinghamshire County Council have now successfully conducted three sets of proceedings," he said.

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