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Family Calls On Lawyers For Help After Contracting Salmonella Following Holiday At Turkish Resort

Experts Instructed In Relation To Marmaris Palace Over Salmonella Concerns


A family of four whose luxury Turkish holiday was ruined by illness that led to one of them testing positive for Salmonella has instructed expert illness lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of the illness.

Cheryll Jordan, 45, and her husband Ian, 46 travelled with their three children to the four-star Marmaris Palace resort in Dalaman in June this year expecting a 10-day holiday of relaxation in the sun.

But the couple say they are angry and upset after they and their son Lewis, seven, fell ill with sickness, diarrhoea and abdominal pains a few days into the trip that left them spending a lot of time in  their hotel room and still suffering symptoms four months on.  Bailey was the one family member to escape illness.

On returning home to Barrow-in-Furness, the family saw their GP and Ian was ‘appalled’ to be told he had tested positive for Salmonella and that the Council’s Environmental Health Department would be investigating.  As a consequence Ian had to have one week off work.

They were also shocked to read reports in the press that as many as 25 children had been hospitalised and placed on IV drips over the summer due to falling ill at the same resort. 

Determined to get answers about why they fell so ill, the family have now instructed travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of their illness. 

The family have reported that some of the food such as omelettes and scrambled egg were served undercooked and or runny. Some of the food was lukewarm rather than hot and fresh food on occasion was placed on top of old food. Sometimes the table linen and crockery were also found to be dirty with remains of food still evident on them.

Jennifer Downing, an International Personal injury specialist at Irwin Mitchell acting for the family, said: “We are concerned by the Jordan family’s reports of the illness they suffered while staying at the Marmaris Palace resort in Dalaman.

“Their holiday was ruined by gastric symptoms and we are particularly concerned by Ian’s salmonella diagnosis.

“We have seen on numerous occasions the severe impact Salmonella can have on victims in the short and longer-term, as it can often lead to the development of long-standing health conditions, from which they may never fully recover.

“We are now investigating the cause of the illness and hope that tour operator Thomas Cook will work with us as we seek the answers to our clients’ concerns.”

Cheryll recalls: “This was our first all-inclusive holiday abroad as a family but it was just a massive disappointment. We have been let down and have been fobbed off with excuses. I am angry at how we have been treated.

“Myself, my husband and my seven-year-old son all suffered diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pains. It was a horrendous experience and we all felt so drained by our illness that we couldn’t enjoy our holiday.

“As the break went on, we noticed that some of the food was being served undercooked and some of the utensils and crockery were dirty. Some of the fresh food appeared to be added to trays with existing food and on some occasions it seemed like the same food was reused and served later in the day.

Ian adds: “I am appalled that I contracted Salmonella while on holiday and I continued to suffer with symptoms of the illness months after returning to the UK.

“Falling ill when you go on holiday to a four-star hotel is not something you expect or are prepared for. We have now instructed Irwin Mitchell to investigate the cause of our illness and to help us get the answers we want about what caused us to be so ill.”

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