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Calls To Lower UK's Drink-Drive Limit

Nearly Half Support A Zero Tolerance Policy


Three-quarters of motorists want to see the drink-drive legal limit to be lowered in England and Wales, a new survey by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line has revealed.

Some 43% would like to see the current 80mg level reduced to 20mg, which effectively represents a zero-tolerance figure.

Another 31% want England and Wales to follow in Scotland's footsteps and lower the limit to 50mg, while only 26% want the limit to stay the same.

Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority (95%) of drivers wanted stiffer penalties for repeat drink-driving offenders, with nine in ten saying offenders should have "alcolocks" fitted - devices that disable a vehicle if the owner is over the limit.

Brake is calling on politicians to toughen their stance on drink-driving and commit to a 20mg limit in their manifestos for the upcoming general election.

"The UK has now slipped off the top of the European road safety rankings, and without critical progress, including the introduction of a zero-tolerance drink-drive limit, we will be left further behind," said Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend.

Expert Opinion
Our work helping those left seriously injured as a result of road traffic collisions to gain vital financial support to aid their recovery means we see many cases which highlight the terrible consequences of drink-driving.

"This research has put an important spotlight on public opinion on this issue, with it highlighting how many people would genuinely welcome steps to toughen up the laws and regulations.

"It is particularly vital at this time of year that everything is done to ensure to emphasise the huge risks that drink-driving can create and ensure that anyone getting behind the wheel this Christmas is in the right condition to do so."
Stephen Nye, Partner

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