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Road Safety Charity Welcomes HSE Motoring Advice Change

Brake Approves Revised Guidance On Managing Work-Related Road Safety


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has revised its guidance on reducing the risks to their employees on the road, giving companies more information.
It is a move that has been welcomed by road safety charity Brake, which points out that driving is the riskiest activity that most employees carry out, even though other areas of work-related health and safety are often more widely highlighted.

Managing the safety of employees who drive vehicles or ride motorcycles or bicycles at work is essential if employers want to prevent accidents and meet their health and safety obligations.
The latest statistics from the Department of Transport show that more than a quarter of accidents resulting in casualties on the roads in Britain involve someone who is driving for work purposes.
In 2012, a total of 87 people were killed while driving or riding a bike or motorbike as part of their work, while 3,301 were seriously injured and 14,882 were slightly injured. A further 30 were killed riding as a passenger for work, 538 seriously injured and 8,267 slightly injured.
The casualty figures were higher for those who became involved in an accident with a motorist or cyclist travelling on company time, with 422 killed, 3,392 seriously injured and 21,670 slightly injured.
Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said it is "essential" that employers are aware of the simple and inexpensive steps they can take to ensure that their employees are safe behind the wheel and that members of the public are protected too.
"I would urge all organisations with employees who drive on work time to read the updated HSE guidance, alongside Brake's essential guide to fleet safety, to ensure their risk management policies and practices are up to date and in line with best practice," she remarked.
The HSE guide is available as a free download and sets out the obligations employers have under health and safety laws. It also features information about how to assess road risks and identify hazards, as well as a checklist for employers to work through.

Expert Opinion
We welcome this revision to the HSE’s guidance on road safety as we continue to see the devastating consequences of employees being injured or killed while going about their daily job.

“This is often as a result of insufficient training or risk assessments being carried out by employers which leaves workers in a more vulnerable position.

“We hope business owners and staff who drive as part of their work take onboard the updated guidance to help prevent unnecessary incidents and keep everyone safe on the roads.”
Stephen Nye, Partner

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