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Pedestrian Crossing To Be Built At Accident Site

Residents Are Unhappy With How Long The Work Will Take


Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed that a pedestrian crossing will be installed at a site where two young schoolchildren were seriously injured in an accident in January.

The local authority revealed that a survey has been carried out on the A15 at Northorpe and the findings showed that the road is eligible for the safety measures.

Councillors must ascertain how many vehicles and pedestrians use a particular stretch of road before sanctioning the introduction of a crossing.

Following the accident earlier this year, the speed limit along this route was lowered from 60 mph to 40 mph and it is hoped these latest measures will protect pedestrians even further.

Having commissioned a survey, the council will now come up with a detailed design for the crossing and will also hold public consultations.

Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, commented: "I support the campaign to introduce a pedestrian crossing at this site, so this has come as great news.

"Everyone was saddened by the accident in January and I hope that by installing a proper crossing point we'll help to prevent something similar happening again in the future."

BBC News reports that the installation of the crossing will take around a year and this has angered locals, who believe action should be taken immediately.

Councillors insist that regulations need to be followed and this will take time, but villager Jon Waldock told the news provider that "an explanation as to why it takes 12 months would be welcome".

The two schoolchildren who were involved in the accident were only 11 years old and the government and road safety groups are keen to raise awareness of traffic hazards among youngsters. Indeed, figures show that vehicle accidents are the biggest non-medical cause of death among under-16s.

Non-profit organisation Brake has joined forces with Churchill Car Insurance to launch special sessions for infants known as 'Beep Beep! Days'. These are aimed at teaching children about how to stay safe when crossing roads in a fun way.

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Expert Opinion
Although this news highlights the devastation and heartache that a road traffic incident can cause, it is positive that investigations were done to ascertain if the road was eligible for improvements and implementation of safety measures.

“We are pleased that a speed limit reduction has been introduced and that plans are being pursued for a pedestrian crossing in the hope of preventing further incidents occurring. It is to be hoped this can be implemented as quickly as possible.

“Poor design and layout can reduce vision significantly and make a road very dangerous for all its users, especially for pedestrians looking to cross.

“We see on a daily basis the devastating consequences of road traffic collisions as we help people recover from serious injuries, providing them with the care and rehabilitation they need.”
Colin Ettinger, Partner

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