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Many Workplace Injury Victims ‘Not Getting Justice They Deserve’

Joint Report From APIL And TUC Tackles Compensation Myth


A high number of people who suffer from workplace injury or illness do not get the justice they deserve in relation to such problems, according to a new report issued by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Produced in collaboration with the Trades Union Congress (TUC), The Compensation Myth estimates that 85 per cent of people who have been injured or developed illnesses as a result of workplace safety failings do not get access to compensation.

According to APIL, this is because such people either choose not to launch legal claims, or cannot provide information that the problems they have suffered were as a result of an employer’s negligence.

The organisation estimated that more than 600,000 people suffer workplace injury and illness every year, with 25,000 of those forced to give up work. Common injuries include back injuries, skin conditions, noise-induced hearing loss and problems as a result of falls.

Matthew Stock well, president of APIL, said the findings highlighted that “not every injury results in compensation”.

He added: “Myths and misunderstandings create a smokescreen which obscures the fact that injured people need, and are entitled to, help to get back to work and put their lives back on track.”

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Expert Opinion
This report has highlighted very important truths which are so often ignored in the public domain, and reflects the findings of two separate Government reports of recent years, in its conclusions that the idea of a compensation culture is a myth.

"However, while the existence of such a culture continues to be promoted, very little is said about the number of people who have suffered catastrophic and life-changing injuries through no fault of their own and have had not been able to gain access to vital funds to support their rehabilitation and recovery.

"In so many cases, people seriously injured at work are often unable to return to jobs due to what they have suffered – meaning they need and deserve support to help them move forward with their lives.

"Sadly, the Government passed measures last year which overturned laws in place for more than a century. As a result, employees are now unable to rely on health and safety legislation breaches by an employer when seeking justice in relation to workplace injury and illness.

"What this means is that victims of injury need to prove an employer’s negligence, which often places them in an impossible position as they are unable to easily access the information required by civil courts to prove who was at fault.

"At worst, this means that safety standards at work could be diluted, as the threat of litigation often encourages employers to ensure compliance with regulations. Without it, many may not place as much of a priority on the issue.

"This report’s findings are hugely important and have put a spotlight on so many victims of workplace injury who do not get what they deserve. The Government needs to recognise this issue and ensure that anyone injured at work through no fault of their own can get the help they need."
Stephen Nye, Partner

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