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Man Suffered Facial Injuries And Broken Teeth After Fall On Stairs

Specialist Injury Lawyers Secure Settlement To Cover Cost Of Treatment


A jeweller who fell down a flight of dimly lit steps on a public path and suffered injuries to his face, nose and teeth has received a settlement from the company who failed to repair and maintain the area.

Michael Lines, from Sutton Coldfield, in West Midlands was walking down the steps on Boundary Road, in Sutton Coldfield on 7 January 2012 where he tripped on an uneven slab and fell down three concrete steps when he was on his way home from the local shops.

The 51-year-old suffered cuts and bruises to his hand, nose and face, as well as facial swelling and fractured teeth, which became embedded in his lip and caused an infection.

Michael instructed specialist injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to investigate his case, who have now secured him an undisclosed settlement from Starcrest Properties for the pain and suffering caused by his injuries and to cover the cost of the treatment.

It follows an admission of liability from the company for failing to carry out any reasonable system of inspection, for failing to repair or maintain the steps and also failing to repair and maintain the lighting in the area.

Expert Opinion
The injuries Michael sustained due to his fall could have been avoided if the proper action had been taken by Starcrest Properties to ensure that the area was safe for the general public to use. The steps were in poor repair and there was inadequate lighting - it was an accident waiting to happen.

“We are pleased that we received a full admission of responsibility from the company and that lessons have been learnt to rectify the condition of the area to ensure the future safety of the general public.”
Louise Scott, Solicitor

Michael had to have dental work due to the damage to his teeth; he had a crown inserted to replace the broken tooth and was advised he may need a root canal treatment in the future as the nerve of his tooth was damaged when he fell.

Commenting on his case, Michael said: “I am relieved that the legal proceedings have now come to a conclusion and that Starcrest Properties admitted responsibility for the poor state of repair around the area in Boundary Street.

“I was in a great deal of pain after my fall as I wasn’t able to eat properly due to the damage and swelling on my face and mouth. I had to take a couple of days off work after the accident as my job is public facing and the bruising and swelling to my face was quite bad. I was very self conscious of my appearance for a few weeks after until my injuries began to settle down.

“I hope that my case highlights the importance of health and safety in public places to other companies so that future accidents like mine are avoided.”

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