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Emmerdale Storyline Puts Mesothelioma In Spotlight

Donna Windsor Suffering From Asbestos-Related Cancer


ITV soap Emmerdale has put the issue of asbestos-related disease in the spotlight after the character of Donna Windsor was revealed to be suffering from the terminal cancer mesothelioma.

The plotline was revealed after the character, who is played by Verity Rushworth and has recently returned to the drama, was taken to hospital after suffering a dizzy spell. She informed doctors that her medication occasionally makes her suffer from dizziness.

It is thought that the revelation is one of the main reasons why Donna returned to Emmerdale and was keen for her daughter, April, to get to know her father Marlon Dingle.

No detail has yet emerged regarding how the character came to be diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Actress Verity Rushworth, who originally left the soap in 2008, has confirmed that she is appearing in the programme for five months.

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Expert Opinion
While there remains plenty to be revealed about the plotline that Emmerdale has in store on this issue, it is positive to see a popular primetime soap addressing the issue of mesothelioma and putting a spotlight on the impact it can have on both victims and their families.

"Through our work, we see numerous occasions when people have been diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result of employers failing to protect them from the risks of asbestos exposure.

"Although commonly related to industrial environments, there are a growing number of cases in which people have been exposed to the material in public buildings such as hospitals and schools.

"In addition, we see scenarios where the loved ones of workers have been exposed to asbestos dust brought into the family home on overalls or work equipment.

"A huge number of lives have been affected by the terrible legacy of asbestos and we are hopeful that the producers of Emmerdale are able not only to raise awareness of mesothelioma, but also to handle the subject sensitively in a manner which reflects the real-life consequences that the disease has for so many people."
Adrian Budgen, Partner

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