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Schools Road Safety Data ‘Could Have Community Role To Play’

Serious Injury Experts React To New Analysis Of Child Injury Figures


By Rob Dixon

New road safety figures related to the number of children injured on roads around schools across Britain may have a part to play in wider efforts to improve overall road safety, serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have suggested.

Released by Road Safety Analysis and Axa Car Insurance, the new figures revealed more than 1,000 children are being injured on roads close to schools every month and stated that at least one child injury had occurred in 37 per cent of local school areas between 2006 and 2011.

According to the organisations, the data analysed instances where injuries to youngsters occurred on roads within a 500 metre radius of schools.

In terms of geographic data, it was found that London was the top area for collisions across the period analysed and accounted for 13 per cent of child casualties nationally.

Irwin Mitchell’s serious injury experts specialise in helping victims and the families of those seriously injured in road traffic collisions to gain justice over the incidents, as well as access to vital funds which go towards tailored care and rehabilitation packages to aid their recovery.

Colin Ettinger, a Partner and specialist in serious injury at Irwin Mitchell’s London office, said: “Information on this level could prove to be a vital resource to schools, parents and local communities in terms of determining potential risks.

“Such data in turn could lead to targeted initiatives that ensure everything possible is being done to mitigate concerns and ultimately ensure children are safe when travelling to schools.

“Through our work, we see first-hand how serious road traffic collisions can have a devastating and life-changing impact on victims of all ages, often leaving those injured with long-term health problems from which they may never fully recover.

“Recent figures have shown that the number of road deaths in Britain are falling but figures of this nature show that there remains plenty to be done to ensure that the number of deaths and injuries on our roads are reduced even further.

“Among the issues which need to be considered is the use of tougher penalties for speeding drivers and other measures that will ensure both road users and pedestrians are kept safe from any potential harm.”

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