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Mum Of One Unable To Work After Car Park Crash Calls For Better Road Safety Awareness

Former Supermarket Worker Injured In Hit And Run Speaks About Her Ordeal


By Helen MacGregor

A woman who was unable to return to work after suffering serious injuries in a car park hit and run is hoping to raise awareness of road safety and the long term impact collisions can have on people’s lives, after lawyers helped her win a five-year battle for justice.

In 2008 Christine Luther, of Blackwood, Gwent, suffered cuts to her head and a fractured leg when the driver of a car hit her as she walked across the Asda car park in Blackwood, where she had worked for two years as a checkout operator. The driver of the car sped off without stopping to help her and the mum-of-one was left writhing in pain in the car park.

She was rushed to the Royal Gwent Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery to fit a metal brace to her leg to help the bones fuse back together. Doctors also glued two deep cuts on her head and she was kept in hospital for eight days so she could be closely monitored, after she also suffered concussion.

Christine instructed specialist personal injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell, who have secured her an undisclosed settlement to cover her loss of earnings and the pain and suffering she has endured.

Following the hit and run, she was reliant on a wheelchair for at least two months and still suffers ongoing pain more than four years on. She has also suffered frightening flashbacks of the crash which resulted in her being treated for depression. She was unable to return to work after the incident due to her injuries and depression.

Stephanie Whatmore, a specialist injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Christine, said: “At Irwin Mitchell we see too often the debilitating consequences accidents can have on people’s lives, whether they occur on the roads or in car parks. Christine’s case shows that drivers need to be aware of what’s going on around them and diligent enough to spot other motorists so that accidents can be avoided.

“The fact the driver of the car sped off without stopping to help Christine when she was so vulnerable is simply appalling.

“She has been in a lot of pain since the accident but the settlement will allow her to continue to access the vital rehabilitation she needs so she can finally put this terrible ordeal behind her and get her life back on track.”

Christine sustained the injuries during the crash on 9 May 2008 as she crossed the Asda car park following her shift at about 11.10pm. The driver sped off before Christine could identify the vehicle and her settlement was secured via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, which deals with any cases where the negligent motorist is uninsured or cannot be traced.

Christine said: “The past few years have been incredibly difficult and the pain I’ve felt has often been unbearable. It’s all the more frustrating that my injuries could have been prevented if the driver had taken more care. I’m still horrified that he drove off without helping me and I still get flashbacks about lying in pain in the middle of the car park so late at night on my own.

“I hope my case shows that crashes can happen anywhere, not just on motorways or busy roads, and injuries like the ones I’ve suffered can have a massive impact on people’s lives.

“Sadly, I’ve now got a permanent reminder of what’s happened to me as I’ve got two scars on my head where doctors glued the cuts I suffered, as well as marks on my leg where the brace was fitted. I’m relieved the case has finally been settled to that I can start to move on my life.”

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