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Family Law Judge Calls For Laws To Be Updated

Sir Paul Coleridge Tells Conference Current Legislation ‘Reflects The Distant Past’


A senior family law judge has called for changes to be made to legislation to ensure that it reflects current trends in society and not “the distant past”.

According to The Times, Sir Paul Coleridge told a conference at London that current measures governing family law were introduced in a different era “to deal with a different society” and a commission should be charged with reviewing the law.

The High Court judge, who set up the Marriage Foundation charity two years ago, added that “a root and branch overhaul” was desperately needed to ensure that family life in the 21st century was reflected by legislation.

Sir Paul’s comments have come after research by family law group Resolution found that 57 per cent of MPs felt that family law should be changed to provide better protection to unmarried, cohabiting couples.

A Law Commission report examined the issue several years ago but the Government chose not to act on any proposals made regarding reform.