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Engineer Left With Permanent Scar Following Fall At Work Because Of Bad Lighting

Expert Lawyers Say Case Raises Awareness Of Importance Of Well Lit Working Environments


An engineer who suffered multiple cuts to his arms after falling into a pile of glass and steel at the recycling plant where he worked has spoken of his ordeal to raise awareness of the potential dangers of poorly lit working environments.

Tracy Sneyd, of Willenhall, West Midlands has been left with a scar on his arm after tripping over into recycling materials in May 2010 at the premises of Green Star/Biffa based on Westgate Aldridge, where Tracy worked as a maintenance engineer.

The 48-year-old instructed personal injury experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell in a battle for justice and is speaking out after the firm secured him a four-figure settlement from his former employers to compensate for his pain and suffering.

Tracy was on a lower level of the plant after being asked to attend to a blockage. Due to poor lighting, he tripped over an object which had been left on the floor, causing him to fall forward into the pile of glass and steel cans.

Tracy fell face down into the pile using his hands to break his fall, consequently lacerating his left arm and elbow.

He was treated by onsite first aid before being transported to hospital where he received several stitches to patch up the wound. Three years on and he is still left with a scar to show for it.

Stephanie Whatmore, a specialist injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Tracy, said: “This is a prime example of poor health and safety in what can be a dangerous working environment. Poor lighting and visibility can cause endless problems and create significant dangers in the work place.

“Because of the poor lighting at this particular location, Mr Sneyd could not see an object left on the floor which he subsequently tripped over and landed face down in very sharp and hazardous material. Unfortunately time and time again we are contacted by clients because poorly lit environments have lead to a number of dangerous situations including trips, slips and falls.

“Workers deserve a safe environment without the fear of being injured, or worse, their life being put in danger at any point. He hope lessons are learnt about the importance of sufficient lighting in the workplace by companies across the country from the case to prevent any similar incidents from happening again.

Tracy said: “I produced a note to health and safety about the lighting issue and how dangerous it was but nothing was ever done.

“Thankfully I was wearing full protective clothing including a hard hat, protective glasses and gloves on the day of the incident or I dread to think what might have happened.

“It was terrible after the accident as I am left handed so I couldn’t do the normal things such as wash or simply get dressed easily, and now I am left with a scar.

“I left the company in April 2011 as I remained concerned about the lack of good health and safety in the workplace. I just hope lessons have now been learnt and improvements made to prevent anyone else going through a similar ordeal.”

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