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Call For Answers As Plane Crashes Near Lagos, Nigeria

Renewed Demands For Information As Families Affected By Previous Crash Still Awaiting Final Accident Report


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Lawyers representing the families of victims of a plane crash in Nigeria last year say the news of another fatal aircraft disaster near Lagos airport is extremely worrying.
The team of legal experts known as the Aviation Attorney Group, led by British law firm Irwin Mitchell, currently represents families who lost loved ones when the Dana Air McDonnell Douglas MD-83 crashed in Lagos while on its final approach to Lagos Airport on 3 June 2012, killing over 150 people.
On 3 October 2013, Lagos experienced another fatal air crash when an aircraft with 20 people onboard crashed just after taking off from Lagos airport, with reports that 13 people have died and several more injured.
The latest crash involved an Associated Aviation Embraer EMB-120 aircraft that was heading for Akure, about 140 miles away from Lagos. This aircraft is a twin turbo-prop aircraft powered by Pratt & Whitney engines and initial reports indicate that one of the engines may have failed during takeoff then the aircraft plunged to the ground and burst into flames.
This was the seventh major air crash in Nigeria since 1992 and Irwin Mitchell says more must be done to share the detailed investigation reports which will help improve flight safety and provide answers to those who are directly affected.
Jim Morris, an expert aviation lawyer at Irwin Mitchell and former RAF pilot with twin turbo-prop experience, said: "It’s extremely worrying that there has been yet another crash involving an airplane near Lagos in Nigeria.

"It is too early to say what caused this latest accident but if reports of an engine failure are correct, it is extremely concerning that this resulted in a crash as the aircraft is designed to be able to takeoff and climb safely in the event of one engine failing. A prompt and comprehensive accident report is crucial to provide answers so that lessons can be learned.
"We are representing the families of passengers who lost their lives in the last major disaster in 2012 involving a Dana Air MD-83 aircraft, which also involved a loss of power in one or both of its engines. Those families still don’t know exactly what happened as the Nigerian authorities are yet to publish a comprehensive final accident report.
"In the interests of future flight safety in Nigeria, it is crucial that there are thorough investigations and the final reports into the Dana Air and this latest crash are published as soon as possible."

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