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Brake Warns Drivers Against Overconfidence

Two-Thirds Of British Drivers Admit To Breaking The Law


Road safety charity Brake has warned drivers not to be complacent or overconfident, after a new study showed more than two-thirds of British motorists admit to breaking traffic laws.

The research - conducted jointly by Brake and Direct Line - showed 69 per cent of vehicle owners may have put other road users in danger because of their driving.

Despite the fact so many people said they have breached the nation's road regulations, 99 per cent of the poll think they are at least as safe as the average driver.

Only one per cent admitted they are knowingly making mistakes, which suggests the vast majority of Britain's drivers are committing offences without realising it.

One in three survey respondents confirmed they sometimes break traffic laws due to a lack concentration, while 35 per cent indicated they exceed the speed limit or take risks because "they can handle it".

This, Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said, is "deeply concerning".

Five people are killed and 63 seriously injured every day on the UK's roads and Brake is determined to spread the message that risk taking can have fatal consequences.

Ms Townsend commented: "The evidence is clear: if you break traffic laws you risk causing terrible harm to yourself and others.

"The first step to being a truly safe driver is to recognise that protecting people is your number one priority when you get behind the wheel - far more important than getting there a bit faster, or answering a call."

Brake has urged the government to commit more funds to road safety initiatives and is also encouraging people to follow its 'Crackdown' campaign, which is aimed at lobbying the authorities for stricter punishments for reckless and careless drivers who kill or seriously injure someone.

Expert Opinion
All road users have a responsibility to themselves, each other and pedestrians to ensure they are driving safely.

“Sadly, we seen many instances when people have had their lives catastrophically transformed as a result of road safety failings, whether it is individuals being left with long-term, serious injuries or families losing loved ones in such incidents.

“We are supporters of the work that Brake does and welcome this research from the charity. It is a clear sign that road users of all kinds need to ensure they are meeting the laws of the road at all times.”
Neil Whiteley, Partner

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