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Man Awarded £1.75m Following Bus Collision

Dad Receives Large Payout After Suffering A Traumatic Brain Injury


A 43-year-old father-of-two has been awarded £1.75 million in compensation after being hit by a bus in London in December 2010.

David Mitchell suffered a traumatic brain injury during the incident, which occurred near Euston railway station, the Echo reports.

He is now unable to speak or walk and has been receiving care at a home in Hertfordshire.

His mother Valerie launched legal proceedings against Arriva London North and Mr Mitchell's lawyers alleged that the driver of the bus had failed to look out for pedestrians.

Although agreeing to the seven-figure settlement, the company refused to accept liability.

Judge Mr Justice Stewart approved the financial package during the hearing at London's High Court.

Mrs Mitchell visits her son three times a week and has clocked up 45,000 miles during the past three years.

She told the news provider that the accident has "turned all our lives upside down".

"He has lost everything in his life, his fantastic job, his lifestyle, his girlfriend," she was quoted as saying.
Mrs Mitchell added that the compensation would be used to ensure David receives the best care possible.

"My goal is that one day he is well enough to come home so I can care for him. I will give up everything to look after my son, but I could not have done this without his father, David, who has been there as emotional support," she continued.

Concerns have been raised about the safety of London's roads in recent weeks, following a spate of incidents.

Five cyclists have died in the past two weeks alone, having been involved in collisions with vehicles. This has increased the pressure on mayor Boris Johnson, who has been urged to take immediate action to improve road safety in the capital.

There have been widespread calls for longer vehicles, particularly lorries and buses, to be fitted with camera equipment that will remove any blind spots, enabling drivers to get a much better idea of what and who is around them.

Expert Opinion
This case is similar to so many which are team specialise in providing support on as it highlights the devastating effect that serious road traffic collisions can have on victims, who in many cases subsequently need access to vital rehabilitation and care support to get the best from life.

"The work we do ensures that such people are able to gain vital funds which allow them to get the help they need, whether it is around-the-clock care or adapted accommodation and facilities for them to enjoy as much independence as possible.

"One of the other key issues which this case puts in the spotlight is the issue of cycling safety in London, something which has been discussed a lot following a spate of collisions in recent weeks. This issue is clearly one which needs significant attention and we would urge authorities to ensure they take steps to investigate how safety on London’s roads can be improved for all road users."
Colin Ettinger, Consultant