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‘Increase In Women’ Seeking Pre-Nuptial Agreements

US Figures Echo Trends Across The UK


New figures from both sides of the Atlantic have revealed that a growing number of women are choosing to protect their assets through pre-nuptial agreements, with experts linking the trend to increasing success in the workplace.

New research by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 63 per cent of family law specialists polled have seen an increase in the use of such agreements among couples from all walks of life.

It also showed that a growing number of women are seeking to put such measures in place, with 46 per cent of ‘requesters’ now being female. According to experts, the developments were a sign that women are becoming more “economically powerful”.

The research echoes trends seen in the UK. Since a landmark Supreme Court decision in 2010, pre-nuptial agreements are becoming more prevalent on these shores, as they are much more likely to be upheld by a divorce court than has historically been the case.

Couples proposing to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement can expect to be advised by their legal team that the agreement is extremely likely to be adhered to in the event of a future split, unless it is very unfair to one party at the time of a divorce.