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‘Despair’ Over Wealthy Family’s Divorce Battle

High Court Judge Reveals Concerns Over Ongoing Case


A High Court judge has revealed his “despair” at a divorce battle still in its early stages in which a wealthy family is “tearing itself apart”.

Mr Justice Holman made the comments in a written ruling related to a legal point in the case of Shield v Shield, in which a couple who own reported more than £50 million of business and property are divorcing after more than 40 years of marriage.

The couple, who have two children, are thought to have already accrued costs of £700,000 in relation to the case despite it not yet reaching a stage for a preliminary issue to be decided.

Mr Justice Holman said: “This family appears to be tearing itself apart, and it fills the sympathetic but detached observer such as myself with nothing but despair.”

He added that the couple should make a “sustained attempt” to work together to resolve the “awful conflict”.