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Commission Recommends New Code Of Practice On Whistleblowing

Call For New Measures To Strengthen Support For Workers


An in-depth review of whistleblowing policies and practice has called on the government to introduce a statutory code of practice which covers all workplaces in the UK and strengthens the framework for such action.
The Whistleblowing Commission set up by charity Public Concern At Work has said such a code is needed to ensure workers are able to raise concern about dangers, risks and malpractice without any fear of adverse consequences.
In its report, which comes in light of scandals including problems at Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and Winterbourne View, the commission has recommended such a code would be taken into account by courts and tribunals when such issues arise and that regulators adopt such guidelines.
The Commission stated that currently legislation is not working on the matter and immediate change is needed to ensure people are able to speak out without fear of repercussions.
Sir Anthony Hooper, chair of the Commission, said: “Reports into public scandals and tragedies reveal that those who would wish to blow the whistle are prevented or discouraged from so doing and that those who have blown the whistle are not listened to or are punished.”