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Workplace Injury Experts Back ‘Sharps’ Injuries Regulations

New Guidelines In Place Over Handling Of Medical Tools


By Rob Dixon

Legal experts specialising in providing support to workplace injury victims have welcomed new regulations which have been introduced to control the risks of handling so-called ‘sharps’, such as needles.

The Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations came into force on May 11th 2013 and supplement existing legislation, which requires employers across all sectors to control the risk of injury from such equipment.

Under the terms of the regulations, both employers and contractors in the healthcare sector need effective arrangements for the safe use and disposal of ‘sharps’, must provide effective training and details to workers and take action in relation to injuries sustained.

Irwin Mitchell’s workplace injury team specialise in providing legal support to victims of accidents at work, including healthcare professionals who have been injured as a result of safety failings while at work.

Sally Rissbrook, a lawyer with expertise in helping those affected by such incidents at work, said: “The risks that so-called ‘sharps’ can pose are not to be underestimated, particularly in medical environments when equipment may have been exposed to and could transmit infections and serious illnesses.

“The entire sector will be hopeful that this new guidance ensures safety is the top priority when it comes to handling such equipment, therefore reducing the number of incidents in which people are injured.”

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