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Research Shows Need For Sunbed Safety Improvement

Legal Experts Urge Salons And Manufacturers To Take Action


By Rob Dixon

Product liability experts have welcomed recent research carried out in West Yorkshire which has put a spotlight on the important issue of ensuring sunbeds are emitting safe levels of radiation.
West Yorkshire Trading Standards undertook inspections of sunbeds in use across the region and found that 35 out of 51 of the devices exceeded the recognised European safe limit for ultraviolet radiation.
The BBC reports that a sunbed in Wakefield was found to emit three times the legal limit. The inspections were welcomed by the Sunbed Association, which said its current concern was that not all local authorities were undertaking compliance testing.
Irwin Mitchell, whose legal experts represent people who have suffered injuries as a result of safety failings related to products and systems of all kinds, have also welcomed the research.
Alicia Townsend, a lawyer who specialises in product safety at the national law firm, said: “This is very important research which has highlighted vital issues which we would urge salon owners and manufacturers of these products to consider.
“It is absolutely imperative that all steps are being taken to ensure sunbeds are complying with the necessary safety standards and the welfare of consumers and the general public most always come first.
“A key issue for suppliers of a service to remember is that consumer regulations mean that they do not have to be aware of risks to be deemed responsible for problems caused by devices. We would urge salons and other businesses to not be ignorant to the relevant regulations.”

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