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Keeping Your Workforce on the Road


The Sheffield Workplace Accident Team reminds all employers to regularly review their driving at work policy.

Driving is not just about the individual, the regulations state that employers have a responsibility to manage health and safety effectively. The Regulations require employers to regularly review their risk assessment so it remains relevant and appropriate.

If the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) finds a breach in policy and uncovers other failures this could have serious consequences for the managers and directors of a company which could lead to it being fined. These include:

  • Providing hands free kits in vehicles
  • Checking drivers are fit to drive
  • Understanding when employees are taking prescription medication which affects their ability to drive
  • Checking their employees' driving licences regularly for points 

We have recently received an increase in enquiries relating to accidents on the road where employees are being asked to continue to drive their works vehicle despite it showing a defect. The drivers were subsequently involved in accidents which caused them to suffer injury. One driver suffered a fractured spine and was absent from work for several weeks.

Employees should feel at ease to report any vehicle defect to their line manager and never drive a defective vehicle even if asked to do so. Employees must remind themselves of what action needs to be taken in an emergency situation in relation to vehicle, its cargo and passengers.

We encourage businesses to manage their work related road safety and to ensure adequate systems are in place, specific to their organisation and structure and that they are regularly monitored.

For more information, you can contact our Workplace Accident team. Either call us on 0370 1500 100 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.