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Fine After Pedestrian Is Injured By Falling Masonry

Investigation Identifies Safety Failings In Relation To Cleaning Work


By Rob Dixon

Construction firms have been urged by a legal expert to ensure that they consider the safety of workers and the public when undertaking projects, after a Portsmouth company was fined over an incident in which a pedestrian was injured.

Majestic Construction was fined £8,000 and ordered to pay costs after a 29-year-old passer-by suffered shoulder and muscle injuries when he was struck by falling masonry in May 2012.

It was revealed in a hearing at Guildford Magistrates’ Court that the firm was using a mobile elevating working platform to clean stonework on some buildings in Camberley, but dislodged an 8kg piece of masonry while repositioning the device.

An investigation revealed that no steps were taken to prevent people from walking beneath the ongoing work which was taking place at height, with no one warning informing people to stand back or be aware of the dangers.

Sally Rissbrook, a public liability claims lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, specialises in helping people injured in public places to get justice over the problems they have endured.

She outlined: “An incident of this kind cannot be underestimated in terms of its seriousness, as we’ve seen cases in which people have gone on to suffer serious injuries as a result of basic safety failings not being taken.

“We would urge construction firms and similar companies to always ensure they are taken the necessary steps to ensure both their workers and the general public are safe from harm as projects are being carried out.

“Working at height can be fraught with risk, but the dangers of falling objects have also been demonstrated by this terrible case.”

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