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Family Lawyer’s Advice Over Easter Contact With Children

Separated Parents Need To Act Fast To Resolve Easter Disputes Over Children


Expert family lawyers say separated parents squabbling over contact with their children for the Easter holiday period need to act now to try and resolve their disputes to avoid missing crucial court deadlines if their disputes escalate.

Applications to courts from parents trying to make arrangements for contact with their children now need the couple to show evidence that they have tried to resolve their issues themselves through mediation, except in very urgent cases or those involving harm.

But listing cases for a full hearing can take a month or more to arrange, and the courts get very busy trying to deal with family disputes around the holiday periods, including Easter.

Family law specialists at Irwin Mitchell are advising couples of the practical options and issues for parents to consider ahead of court deadlines to try and resolve cases ahead of the holiday period.

John Nicholson, an expert family lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, which has a network of specialists across the country, said: “Where children are involved the courts want to see action taken to resolve any issues between the two parents first – regardless of whether it’s the holiday period.

“The courts increasingly see joint parenting as the ideal way for parents to bring up their children so we urge people to talk about their issues and try to come to a sensible conclusion that concentrates on the needs of the children.

“Easter can be a very difficult time for families that are separated or divorced and this can take a huge toll on the children involved. It is therefore crucial that any potential disputes are sorted out as soon as possible to ensure that everyone can have the best chance to make the most of the time they have during the holiday period.

“We advise the parents we support to consider practical compromises, to make sure children aren’t caught in the  cross fire  and to try to focus on making sure that they have fun while they are out of school.

“Each parent should remember that even if the split of time looks a little unequal there will be other school holidays in which they can agree to redress the balance. Easter can be a magical time for children and they would far prefer to be able to spend relaxed time with each of their parents over the school holidays rather than being at the centre of rows if parents try to split time on the basis of what they themselves perceive as fair.

“Specialist family mediators can help significantly, as can having the right expert family law support at this time of year.”


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