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Devastated Partner Of Labourer Who Died From Asbestos-Related Cancer Battles For Justice

Expert Lawyers Appeal For Information To Help Widow Honour His Memory


By Suzanne Rutter

The heartbroken partner of a former labourer whose death was caused by exposure to deadly asbestos dust is appealing for his ex colleagues to come forward with information about the working conditions he endured in her battle for justice.

Colin Best, who lived in Bury, Lancashire , died on 11 June 2011 aged 70 from asbestos-related lung cancer, leaving behind his partner of 30 years Jean Dugdale.

A labourer at South Durham Steel and Iron Company in the 1960’s Colin had told loved ones how he remembered working alongside his colleagues who were responsible for mixing the deadly dust into a paste to insulate pipe work before he died.

He also spoke about asbestos being present during his time at William Press Ltd between 1966 and 1968 where he was one of 200 men working on a contract for the firm to build the K A Nylon Plant at the ICI chemical works in Redcar, where he remembered working in close proximity to laggers responsible for covering pipe work with asbestos.

Jean has now instructed specialist industrial disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell’s Manchester office to help piece together information about how he was exposed to asbestos and whether anything more could have been done to protect him.

Katrina London, a specialist industrial illness lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing her, said: “Asbestos-related diseases are debilitating conditions which can have a devastating impact on the lives of victims and their families.

“Unfortunately we see too many cases like this where workmen and women have come into direct contact with the deadly dust without any protection or warnings from their employers about how detrimental it could be to their health.

“We hope to speak to as many of Colin’s ex colleagues as possible about the working conditions at the South Durham Steel and Iron Company and William Press so we can help Jean honour his memory and get her the justice she deserves.”

Colin was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2010 and died on 11 June 2011.
Jean, age 79 also of Bury said his death was tragic blow to her.

“Colin was such a hard worker and enjoyed his job but it was dirty and dusty work. Colin and I had been together for 30 years so to lose him as a result of a disease caused by conditions at work has been really difficult to cope with. I hope his ex work mates can help Irwin Mitchell investigate the working conditions he endured so we can get the justice we deserve for what we’ve been through.”

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