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Call For Investigation Into Isle of Man TT Crash

Spectators Injured As Motorbike Crashes On First Lap


By Dave Grimshaw

A crash in the first lap of the Isle of Man TT race has today (7th June) left a group of spectators injured and needing hospital treatment.

British rider Jonathan Howarth, appearing at the event for the first time, crashed during the final day's racing at the Bray Hill section of the mountain course.

The rider himself was not hurt but the Race organisers announced on their Twitter feed that 11 spectators had been involved in the incident. Although none of the injuries was believed to be life-threatening the organisers said one person was seriously injured.

The viewing spot is one of the most popular spots to view the race and lawyers say it is important that the incident is reviewed to find out if anything can be done to improve safety in future while maintaining the excitement of the race day.

Irwin Mitchell lawyer David Urpeth specialises in helping people injured in accidents in public places, and also a keen motorcyclist, said: “Thankfully the early reports suggest that none of the injuries are life-threatening. But it is important that the incident is investigated to find out exactly how this could happen.

“Obviously at the sort of speeds involved in the TT there is always an element of danger, and this incident highlights how crucial safety measures are to protect both those involved and the spectators watching.

“Any lessons that can be learnt from this need to be discovered as soon as possible so that race organisers can improve the future race day experience for everyone involved.”

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