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Widow Of Electrician Who Suffered Mesothelioma Appeals For Information

Expert Lawyers And Devastated Family Join Forces In Battle For Justice


By Suzanne Rutter

The widow of a former electrician, who died from an asbestos-related illness, is appealing for his ex colleagues to come forward with information to help specialist lawyers investigate how he was exposed to the deadly dust and if more could have been done to protect him.

Geoffrey Arnold Hoggett, of Wheatley in Doncaster, died aged 81 on 9 November 2012 following a nine-month battle with mesothelioma, which is caused by asbestos exposure.

Before his death, Mr Hoggett told his family he believed he was exposed to asbestos while working as an electrician at Doncaster firm Sinclair, based in Doncaster and Electrolux, which was then based in Harrogate although Geoffrey carried out work throughout the South Yorkshire area, including Doncaster.

The father-of-three worked for Sinclair between 1946 to 1950 and remembered coming into contact with asbestos sheets, working in a variety of public buildings where pipe work was lagged with asbestos. During his career at Sinclair, Mr Hoggett also recalled working with asbestos fascias and soffits which he handled while re-wiring houses.

Mr Hoggett also worked for Electrolux between 1955 and about 1964, where he was responsible for servicing industrial laundry equipment which contained asbestos insulation.

Maureen Hoggett, his wife of 40 years, has instructed expert industrial disease lawyers at Irwin Mitchell and together they are appealing for any of Mr Hoggett’s ex colleagues to come forward with information to confirm his recollection of how the companies used asbestos.

Martyn Hayward, a specialist industrial disease lawyer at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office representing Maureen, said: “Mesothelioma is an aggressive and incurable cancer which causes so much distress to victims like Mr Hoggett who worked as electricians – a trade recognised for workers regularly coming into contact with deadly asbestos during the course of their employment.

“We hope his former workmates will be able to confirm details about how Sinclair and Electrolux may have used asbestos and if more could potentially have been done by his employers to protect him.”

Geoffrey, dad to Katy Crabtree and Kristina Hoggett, first started to show the debilitating symptoms of mesothelioma in early January 2012 when he felt constantly breathless. Further hospital tests and scans confirmed he was suffering from mesothelioma in February 2012. Geoffrey underwent chemotherapy but sadly the cancer spread to his liver and adrenal gland and he died at home surrounded by his family in November 2012.

He told his family that his employers had never warned him about the dangers of asbestos or provided any suitable and protective clothing.

Maureen, age 74, said losing Geoffrey has been a heartbreaking blow for the whole family. She said: “We first noticed things weren’t right when Geoffrey suddenly began feeling breathless and weak all the time.

“Doctors did lots of tests and scans and they initially thought he was suffering from lung cancer. However, in February last year, we were given the devastating news it was mesothelioma and that he would never recover. His condition deteriorated quite quickly and we lost him in November the same year.

“It’s still incredibly hard to come to terms with the fact Katy, Kristina and I have lost him to such a terrible disease and we miss him every day. We hope that his ex work mates from Sinclair and Electrolux will now help us get the answers we deserve about his asbestos exposure so we can honour his memory.”

Anyone with information about the working conditions at Sinclair’s between 1946 and 1950 or at Electrolux between 1955 and 1964 should contact Martyn Hayward at Irwin Mitchell’s Sheffield office on 0114 2744615 or email martyn.hayward@irwinmitchell.com.

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