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Daughter Launches Battle For Justice After Dad Dies Of Asbestos-Related Disease

Industrial Illness Experts Ask Former London Electricity Board Workers For Help


By Helen MacGregor

The heartbroken daughter of a former London Electricity Board (LEB) worker who died of an asbestos-related disease is appealing to her father’s former colleagues to get in touch to help with her legal battle for justice.

George Cook, of Hackney and later Edmonton in Essex, died of failure of the lungs caused by inhaling deadly dust, aged 83 in September 2010. He left behind his daughter Lynn Bruce and a grandson.

Lynn instructed industrial illness experts at law firm Irwin Mitchell and is now appealing to George’s former colleagues at the LEB, on City Road in Islington, to get in touch as they may hold vital evidence about the presence of asbestos and working conditions at the firm and sites employees were contracted to work at.

George worked for the LEB, which has since become EDF Energy, from the start of the 1950s when he joined as an apprentice electrician until 1990, by which time he had been promoted to an Inspector.

Joanne Jefferies, an asbestos expert at Irwin Mitchell’s London office representing Lynn said: “George’s family have been left devastated by their loss and to be able to come to term with what happened, they now want to see justice done.

“George spent most of his employment working for the LEB and Lynn remembers he always worked in a hands-on role. She remembers him working on the underground heating system at Arsenal stadium and he was more often than not contracted to work on commercial premises across the city.

“We would like to hear from any of George’s former colleagues as they may hold vital evidence about the presence of the material and working conditions that will help his family get the justice they deserve.

“Employers have been well aware of the dangers of exposing staff to asbestos since the 1950 and 60s so there is no excuse for workers not being correctly trained or provided with appropriate protective equipment.”

George began suffering from weight loss and dehydration in May 2010 and he died in St Joseph’s care home in Danbury in September 2010.

Daughter Lynn, 49, from South Woodham Ferriers in Essex, said: “Dad’s health began quickly deteriorating. Since my mum passed away in 2006 I spent even more time with him and it was incredibly hard to see him suffering and in pain.

“It’s hard not to be angry knowing that he ultimately died because of something he was exposed to at work so long ago. He dedicated his working life to the LEB to provide for the family but I feel like that’s robbed him of his final years with us now.

“I just hope any of his former colleagues get in touch, as any information no matter how small, could help bring justice for his death.”

Anyone who thinks they can help should contact Joanne Jefferies at Irwin Mitchell on 0207 421 3936 or email joanne.jefferies@irwinmitchell.com

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