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Confirmation Of Sixth Glasgow Legionnaires’ Victim ‘Shows Need For Answers’

Authorities Urged By Lawyers To Identify Source Of Problems


By Rob Dixon

Legal experts representing victims of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks in Edinburgh and Stoke-on-Trent in the past 12 months have said news that a sixth person has been affected by an outbreak in Glasgow is hugely worrying and shows the need for answers as soon as possible.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have confirmed that a further case of Legionnaires’ has been confirmed and linked to the Renfrew area of the city, with the latest victim responding well to treatment at home.

The body has stated that the previous five cases have now been discharged from hospital, while the trust is continuing to work with Health and Safety Executive, Health Protection Scotland, Renfrewshire Council and other local authorities to investigate a possible source.

Irwin Mitchell represents more than 30 people and families affected by the fatal outbreak of Legionnaires’ in Edinburgh last year and are currently awaiting the outcome of a report intending to identity potential sources of those problems. The firm also acts for around 20 victims hit by the illness in Stoke-on-Trent last summer.

Elaine Russell, a Partner and specialist in such cases at Irwin Mitchell’s Glasgow office, said: “It is worrying to see the number of people affected by this latest outbreak rise once again and it remains absolutely imperative that authorities get to grips with issue by identifying the source of these problems.

“Through our work, we’ve seen first-hand the terrible consequences that Legionnaires’ disease can have on victims, so it is hugely important that the seriousness of this issue is not in any way downplayed or undermined.

“Victims and their families in Glasgow will be desperate for answers and every effort must be taken to ensure they get them. This is a hugely important public health issue and it will also be important that information gathered on this is shared widely so safety lessons can be learned from this outbreak.

“We would also echo calls for anyone who believes they may have been affected by the problems in Glasgow to seek medical advice as soon as possible.”

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