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Claiming from the Motor Insurers Bureau


What do you do if you have an accident and the person responsible turns out to have had no insurance or drives off without stopping?

The Motor Insurers Bureau (“MIB”) compensates innocent parties in these circumstances. They are funded by the insurance industry and regulated by the Uninsured and Untraced Drivers Agreements with the Department for Transport.

The Agreements cover the following; 


Property/vehicle damage

Personal injury and consequent losses


Property/vehicle damage if the registration of the other vehicle is known and checks out with DVLA

Personal injury and consequent losses

The MIB don’t pay subrogated and contractual claims so your insurer won’t be able to reclaim repair costs it paid. Unfortunately, if you’ve paid sick pay to an employee for injury related absence, you can’t reclaim it because it’s a contractual payment. MIB also consider claims where the accident has been caused by something on the road which must have come from a vehicle, such as a diesel spill.

The Department for Transport is currently in the process of updating the Agreements. We hope that this will straighten out a number of complex clauses in the current Agreements. In the meantime, Irwin Mitchell can help you with these claims.

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