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Call For Answers After Two Men Are Injured In London Lift Fall

Workplace Injury Experts Demand Thorough Investigation Into Incident


By Rob Dixon

A swift but thorough investigation will be absolutely vital to ensuring safety lessons are learned from an incident in which two men were injured after a lift fell four floors at an apartment block in central London, according to a workplace injury lawyer.

London Ambulance Service has revealed it was called to Woburn Place following reports of two people falling down a lift shaft on Tuesday afternoon (July 30th). It is thought both men were on top of the lift when the incident occurred.

According to the organisation, a 58-year-old man suffered a head, facial and back injuries in the incident, while a second man suffered back, neck and pelvic injuries.

The Health and Safety Executive is believed to be making initial inquiries into the work accident.

David Urpeth, national head of workplace injury at national law firm Irwin Mitchell, specialises in providing legal support and advice to victims of accidents at work and helping them to gain justice over the serious physical and psychological injuries they have suffered in such incidents.

Commenting on this case, he said: “It is clear that very little remains known about the circumstances of this incident and the key way to avoid any speculation will be to ensure that a swift and thorough investigation into what happened is carried out.

“Both victims are believed to have suffered serious injuries in the incident and both they and their families will be demanding answers over what happened, as well as reassurances that they problems will not be seen again.

“A full examination will be vital to ensuring that these reassurances can be provided and, ultimately, that any lessons can be learned which may lead to potential improvements in health and safety and the mitigation of risks to workers.

“We have seen on too many occasions the huge impact that workplace injuries can have on lives and it is vital that everything possible can be done to prevent such issues from emerging again.”

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