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Blackpool Promenade Dog Attack ‘Shows Need For Action’

Lawyers Call For More Effort To Prevent Incidents And Support Victims


By Rob Dixon

Legal experts have reiterated their calls for immediate action to be taken to protect the public from the threat of dog attacks, as police appeal for witnesses in relation to incident on Blackpool Promenade which left two people injured.

Lancashire Police have revealed that two women were injured on July 8th when a dog, believed to belong to two men fishing nearby, bit one of the women on the leg and pulled her to the floor. Her friend tried to intervene and was bitten in the process.

One of the victims was taken to Royal Preston Hospital for emergency surgery on her leg, while the other was treated at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Police are now appealing for witnesses to the attack and have revealed they are determined to trace the people responsible for the animal, thought to have been a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Pit Bull type dog.

Legal experts at Irwin Mitchell specialise in helping victims of dog attacks to gain justice and answers over the physical and psychological trauma they have suffered in such ordeals.

David Urpeth, a Partner with expertise in dog bite claims at Irwin Mitchell, said: “From reports, this sounds like a particularly shocking and devastating dog attack and those involved, as well as their families, will be desperate for answers as to how it happened.

“Barely a week appears to go by without mention of dog attack being in the news and there is obviously a clear need for action to be taken to not only reduce attacks, but also ensure that victims of such incidents are able to get the support they need in the aftermath of such incidents.

“In terms of the former, the Government is currently working to introduce measures which will improve legislation around dangerous dogs, particularly ensuring that a loophole regarding attacks on private property is closed.

“On the latter issue, compulsory microchipping is being introduced but, while this is a positive move, it remains some time away. In addition, we think that the introduction of compulsory insurance and licensing for owners will mean victims are able to secure access to justice and vital funds for rehabilitation and support following such attacks.”

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