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Sunbed Warning ‘A Timely Safety Reminder To Tanning Businesses’

Study Pushes Compliance And Safety Standards Into Spotlight


Tanning businesses and sunbed providers have been urged by legal experts to ensure their products are meeting required safety standards, following worrying new research which found the average strength of emission radiated by the products is close to twice the recommended limit.

The study by the University of Dundee for Cancer Research UK involved the testing of 400 sunbeds in England, with nine out of ten being found to emit UV radiation above recognised British and EU standards.

It also found that the average skin cancer risk from sunbeds tested was more than twice that of spending the same length of time in the Mediterranean midday summer sun.

According to the Cancer Research UK, the findings mean it is vital work is undertaken by the Government and other authorities to ensure the use of sunbeds is properly regulated and businesses are meeting their responsibilities.

In response to the study, the Sunbed Association has stated that much has been done since 2009 to ensure all new and traded sunbeds have a required maximum UV output.

David Urpeth, a Partner at Irwin Mitchell, specialises in helping people who have suffered injury and illness as a result of defective products of all kinds, helping them to gain answers over the problems they have faced.

Commenting on these findings, he said: “Very clear safety concerns have been raised in relation to these sunbeds, so it is vital that more investigations are undertaken to clarify the risks related to the systems.

“We would also urge tanning businesses and sunbed providers to view this is a timely reminder for them to review and assess their products to guarantee they are not only safe, but are also meeting official safety standards and regulations which are currently in place.

“Consumer regulations mean that suppliers of a service – such as the use of sunbeds – do not necessarily need to be aware of any risks to be held responsible for problems caused by such devices.  This simply means ignorance to the relevant regulations is no excuse.

“The dangers of high levels of UV exposure are widely known so we would warn both companies and consumers to be aware of such important issues and ensure sunbeds are only used responsibly.”

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