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Family Of Six Fall Ill At Hotel That Boasts Legendary Hospitality

Three Generations Struck Down By Gastric Illness at Egyptian Resort


A family is seeking justice after their dream holiday to Egypt – where guests are treated to “legendary hospitality” according to the official website - was ruined when all six members fell ill with gastric illness.

Nancy Bamber, 69, travelled to the Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland Hotel, in Sharm-el-Sheikh, with daughter Sharon Lang and her partner Ralph Bentham. Sharon’s children Ellice and Jordana were also part of the trip, as well as Ralph’s daughter Rebecca.  However, the holiday was ruined when a number of the family were struck down with illness just three days into their two-week break in July this year. By the end of the holiday, all members of the party who travelled to the resort were suffering with illness.
The holiday makers have now instructed international travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell as they seek justice against tour operator First Choice.

After returning from the holiday, 3 out of the 6 member of the family continued to suffer from diarrhoea, stomach cramps and tiredness with 54 year-old Ralph forced to take time off from his job as a window cleaner. The illness affected Sharon’s remaining time off work from her job as a learning support assistant and left retired Nancy feeling exhausted and upset.

The family has reported to lawyers at Irwin Mitchell that some meals were served lukewarm or undercooked, and complained that tables and cutlery were sometimes dirty. On occasions they saw staff simply turning over food-stained table mats instead of cleaning or replacing them.

Nancy, from Chorley, Lancashire, who had to visit the hotel’s GP three times for treatment, said: “The hotel’s website promises ‘spellbinding gardens and legendary hospitality’ I do not feel that this is what we received.

 “As a result of the illness, we were stuck in our rooms for the majority of time for a few days, it was distressing for the whole family to be sick whilst on holiday. As a parent it is always horrible to see a child fall ill, no matter how old they are, and I just felt exhausted by the experience.”

Daughter Sharon, 46, added: “There were a lot of flies and birds about and some of the food was left uncovered and exposed. The hygiene standards at the Hotel were not what we expected, this was even more obvious from the state of the toilets where we saw no running water in the toilets or hand gel available to wash our hands with, and the bins were overflowing with rubbish. 

“The whole party was seen by the doctor in the hotel and were given antibiotics and 5 of us were also given an injection because our symptoms were so bad.

“Our holiday was ruined and we couldn’t wait to get away from there – unfortunately we still felt ill even after leaving. The sickness was a cloud hanging over our heads after the holiday and this experience has left three out of the party of 6 still suffering with continuing illness. This holiday has made us unsure about going abroad again.”

Gurpinder Chana, a travel law expert at Irwin Mitchell representing the family, said: “The family’s experience is a cause for concern as not only was their holiday ruined, but some of the family members have continued to suffer illness after returning home. Gastric illness can be very serious and have a long lasting effect, especially on children so for all six family members to become ill is worrying.

“We are helping them to seek the justice they deserve for a nightmare holiday. The break should have been a chance for the family to spend quality time together but due to the illness suffered, the holiday was not the experience they had hoped for. 

“We hope that First Choice will now work with us to resolve the matter quickly and fairly to allow the family to move on from this upsetting experience.”