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‘Time For Answers’ As DePuy ASR Trial Begins In US

Legal Expert Reveals Hopes As Case Reaches Court


By Rob Dixon

Lawyers representing people who have suffered complications as a result of being fitted with De Puy ASR hip replacement devices have revealed their hopes for answers, as the first US trial related to problems with the products begins.

The court case began in Los Angeles Superior Court last week, with notable evidence heard so far revealing that an internal review conducted by manufacturer Johnson & Johnson in 2010 suggested the firm had failed to adequately assess risks before selling the implant in 2003.

Revelations in the hearing have gained worldwide attention and it is believed that as many as 10,000 patients in Britain were fitted with the devices prior to their removal from market in 2010.

Irwin Mitchell’s Medical Law and Patients’ Rights team have vast experience in representing those affected by problems with medical devices of all kinds, notably representing a large number of people who have suffered after being fitted with the DePuy ASR model.

Gary Walker, the product liability lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who is acting for those affected by problems with the hip replacement devices, said: “Considering the number of people whose lives have been affected by problems with the DePuy devices, every aspect of this court hearing will be scrutinised very closely.

“For many people, this is the first time clear answers and details over how this product got on to the market will be revealed.

“Such answers have been desperately needed for a number of years and we hope that this case will mark the beginning of ensuring that people get the justice they deserve over the problems they have endured.”