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Report To Be Made Public Into Conduct Of Cornwall Surgeon

Expert Lawyer Says Patients Deserve Answers As To How And Why Failings Were Allowed To Go On For So Long


Medical law experts say the review into the conduct of a Cornwall surgeon, whose working practices resulted in nearly 1,500 women being recalled, must provide patients with answers when it is made public later this week as to how and why failings in their care were allowed to go on for so long.

Mr Rob Jones, an obstetrician and gynaecologist, resigned from the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro after being suspended from clinical duties last year following complaints from patients which dated as far back as 2000.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell has a team of specialist lawyers in the South West acting on behalf of patients treated by the surgeon. The firm has experience in working with the NHS Litigation Authority to set up protocols for large groups of people affected by negligent treatment in other parts of the country and says the latest report must explain how so many people were affected...

Irwin Mitchell says the results of the independent review, which was launched last November amid allegations of Mr Jones’ failure to follow surgical guidelines and is now due to be made public, must highlight any errors made, result in all involved being held accountable and show what steps are being taken to prevent the same errors from happening again.

Irwin Mitchell Partner and specialist medical lawyer Julie Lewis said: “We have written to local MPs to encourage a Public Inquiry, such as the one in Mid-Staffordshire, to get to the heart of complaints and highlight any potential recommendations to improve patient safety. If the report findings announced this week still leave unanswered questions, we will continue to call for this approach.

“These women have been through more than enough and each of them has a right to know how and why there were any potential failings in their care and what steps are being taken to ensure lessons are learnt to prevent anything similar happening in the future.

“Patients need answers about why it took Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust so long to restrict Mr Jones’ work despite numerous reviews being carried out by the Trust after concerns were expressed about his work.

“They need to know now why he was not stopped by the Trust from performing surgery sooner and how concerns about his work were allowed to go unnoticed and unregulated for so long.”

Irwin Mitchell is representing patients across the country who have been affected by alleged negligent treatment. These include those treated by Dr Manjit Bhamra in South Yorkshire, Dr Ian Paterson in the Midlands, the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and now Mr Rob Jones. Over 3,500 patients are potentially affected by this group of cases alone.

The helpline for patients with concerns over treatment by Rob Jones is 0800 180 4514.

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