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Call For Clarity Over Cwmcarn School Asbestos Risks

New Report Raises Doubts Over Original Survey


By Rob Dixon

Clarity needs to be provided in relation to the asbestos risk in a Caerphilly school which was closed over such problems, after a new report suggested the potential problem could be less worrying than first thought.

A new study by the Health and Safety Laboratory, arranged by the Health and Safety Executive has suggested that the presence of asbestos fibres in areas suspected at risk in Cwmcarn High School were much lower than was suggested in a previous survey.

The school was originally closed in October after asbestos was identified in the main building, with a report by Santia Asbestos Management indicating the fibres were higher than accepted levels.

An independent asbestos inspection report into the school is currently continuing.

Irwin Mitchell has vast experience in representing people who have suffered serious health problems as a result of exposure to asbestos, helping them to gain justice over the problems they have endured.

Commenting on the latest findings, Iain Shoolbred, an asbestos-related disease expert at the firm’s Birmingham office, said: “The latest research carried out into Cwmcarn has obviously put the original findings into some doubt, so we would ask authorities to work quickly and thoroughly to clarify the risks at the site and what needs to be done about it.

“ It is vital that staff, pupils and their loved ones can be given clear information about conditions at Cwmcarn and whether the site is safe. Too many questions remain about this school and it is vital that these are addressed once and for all.”

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