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Survey Finds Cyclists Don't Need More Protection

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Drivers Believe Enough Is Being Done To Safeguard Cyclists


Most British drivers believe that cyclists already receive enough protection when out on the UK's roads.

According to a new survey published by Motorpoint, 60.5 per cent of motorists do not think they should change their driving style in order to accommodate bikers.

More than 1,700 people took part in the poll and the results are likely to worry road safety campaigners and cycling organisations.

The government, industry groups and charities are attempting to raise awareness about the vulnerability of cyclists and are encouraging drivers - particularly those in long or heavy vehicles - to be extra vigilant.

Mark Carpenter, managing director of Motorpoint, said the findings were unexpected.

"We were a little surprised at the results of the survey given the high number of people who die or are injured every year in this country," he commented.

"Our poll highlights the need for greater debate about cars and cyclists and what more can be done to ensure they can co-exist safely on British roads both now and in the future."

The results were particularly surprising given the fact six cyclists lost their lives in London in November.

More than 1,000 people staged a "die-in" protest in the city earlier this month and the police stepped up their patrols on the busiest roads in order to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists.

The Motorpoint survey results have been published shortly after the mayor of London announced details of a huge investment in cycling infrastructure in the city.

Boris Johnson confirmed that £913 million would be spent on a number of initiatives, including the introduction of 'Quietways' and segregated cycle routes.
More blind spot safety mirrors will also be installed on certain junctions, giving drivers a better view of who is around them. Signal timings are to be adjusted to reduce the likelihood that cyclists and vehicles cross paths.

The mayor insisted that he plans to "do things properly" and will do everything possible to avoid mistakes made in the past.

Expert Opinion
The survey results are very surprising considering drivers do not think that cyclists need more protection, especially after the recent cycling deaths in London.

“Serious consideration needs to be given to how the number of people injured or killed across the UK can be reduced, including what can be done to reduce the risks faced by cyclists.

“We sadly see a lot of cases where cyclists have suffered severe or life-changing injuries.

“It is vital that all road users always put safety first to protect both themselves and other people, whether that is cyclists, motorists or pedestrians.”
Colin Ettinger, Consultant