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Pensioner Wins Legal Battle After Supermarket Fall

Specialist Injury Lawyers Secure Settlement To Cover Medical Costs


A pensioner who suffered hip and shoulder injuries after slipping on spilt liquid in her local supermarket has joined expert lawyers at law firm Irwin Mitchell to call for businesses to ensure health and safety regulations are being followed after the settlement of her case.

Betty Simpson, from Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, was shopping at her local Morrisons supermarket on Southberry Road in Enfield when she slipped and fell on a pool of spilt fabric softener in one of the aisles and landed heavily on her shoulder, elbow and hip.

She suffered a tear to the muscles in her shoulder which caused her problems moving the arm for 18 months, and soft tissue damage to her hip which took over a year to heal. She also suffered problems with her ankle and elbow which left her in a lot of pain for many months.

The 76 year old enlisted the help of specialist injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who secured her an undisclosed four-figure settlement after Morrisons admitted liability for the incident. The funds will help cover her pain and suffering and cost of treatment since the fall.

Kelly Ferguson, a specialist injury lawyer at law firm Irwin Mitchell, said: “All supermarkets should have basic procedures in place to ensure spilt liquids or food items are cleaned up quickly to ensure customers are not at risk of slipping and hurting themselves.

“Sadly this wasn’t the case when Betty fell and because the spillage wasn’t cleared up quick enough she was left with injuries which caused her problems for around 18 months.

“We hope that other supermarkets learn valuable lessons from Betty’s experience to prevent accidents like this happening again in future. Customers have the right to go shopping without worrying about the risk of injury.”

Betty said: “Something as simple as slipping on some spilt liquid in the supermarket caused me a great deal of pain and inconvenience, and I feel annoyed that the accident could have been prevented if a member of staff had just cleaned the mess up. Shops should make sure they keep an eye out for spillages so they can sort them quicker.”

“The fabric conditioner must have leaked from someone’s shopping basket as I couldn’t see any bottles on the floor near to where I fell. My injuries from the accident left me in pain for many months and I struggled to go about my day-to-day activities.”

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