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Oscar Nomination For 'The Crash Reel'

Documentary Follows the Rehabilitation of Brain Injury Sufferer Kevin Pearce


A documentary that covers the rehabilitation of a professional snowboarder who sustained a serious brain injury has been shortlisted for an Oscar.

'The Crash Reel' follows the story of Kevin Pearce - a talented US halfpipe specialist who hoped to perform at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

While training for the competition, Pearce suffered a severe blow to the head as he attempted to perfect a daring trick.

Having been lucky to survive the accident, Pearce was left in a coma and the film covers the emotional impact this had on his family.

The snowboarder begins to make a recovery and is determined to get back on the slopes again. However, doctors tell him that one minor blow to his head could be fatal.
Not only does the movie show Pearce's long and difficult recovery, it also highlights the dangers associated with extreme sports.

The feature is directed by Lucy Walker, who has been shortlisted for an Oscar twice before.

On hearing of the nomination, The Crash Reel's official Twitter account posted: "We are SO excited to be on the #Oscar doc shortlist!! Thanks @TheAcademy! #oscarbuzz #fingerscrossed #loveyourbrain @lucywalkerfilm."

The film is supported by Headway - the brain injury association - and was first screened in the UK in October 2013.

Following the accident, the 'Love Your Brain' campaign was launched in an attempt to raise awareness and share information about serious head injuries.
It includes a number of initiatives, including the Love Your Brain Instagram Challenge, which encourages winter sports enthusiasts to use social media to post an image of themselves wearing a helmet.

There is also an infographic that advises people what they should do if they, or somebody they are with, hit their head. It explains the longer-term cognitive, emotional and physical effects of a brain injury.

The Kevin Pearce Fund was established shortly after the incident, with the proceeds being donated to families who have been affected by brain injuries and Down Syndrome.

Expert Opinion
Extreme sports are called what they are because they carry a degree of danger. Unfortunately for Kevin Pearce his dedication to snowboarding left him with a serious brain injury.

“The Crash Reel highlights the effects that a serious brain injury can have on the person concerned along with the friends and family involved, but like with many of our injured clients, we also see the amazing dedication and support network that is required on the road to recovery.

“We have strong links with Headway – the brain injury association, and are really impressed with the ‘Love Your Brain’ campaign."
Neil Whiteley, Partner