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Mum's Diary Reveals 'Hospital Failings' After Death

Much Of The Diary Focused On Failings By Nursing Staff


Claire Bahi, 39, died after her second diagnosis with cancer and claims doctors did not do enough to ensure the disease had not returned.

Tariq Bahi, the woman's husband, argued that passages from her diary showed the Royal Derby Hospital did not follow basic guidelines in the weeks leading up to her death, the Derby Telegraph reports.

While Mrs Bahi's claims that doctors did not carry out tests for cancer early enough cannot be confirmed, the issue will now be investigated by Trust managers in order to establish the facts of the case.

The journal also revealed medics prescribed her drugs she was allergic to, although - once again - this cannot be substantiated until an inquiry takes place. It is unclear if she took the medication or whether it contributed to her death.

Other claims made by Mrs Bahi include that nurses discussed wedding dress photos as she waited for chemotherapy, while also moaning about shift rotas in front of her as her health began to deteriorate.

One of the statements made by the 39-year-old in her diary read: "I truly believe that had I been given a scan and an examination, the cancer would have been picked up. I believe it would not have had time to spread."

In response to these revelations, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust released a statement that said it would be starting a full formal investigation into the performance of doctors and nurses involved in the woman's care.

"We take any feedback, including complaints, extremely seriously. Delivering safe and compassionate care is fundamental to Derby Hospitals."

The quality of nursing care throughout England has consistently been put under the spotlight in recent months, as Royal College of Nursing officials argue budget cuts are putting personnel under pressure.

Expert Opinion
The extracts from Mrs Bahi’s diary are both tragic and shocking. The allegations are very serious and we welcome the response from the Trust that it is launching a full formal investigation.

“We would hope to see each of the allegations about poor staff performance and negligent care examined as to how and why this could happen.

“If failings are found we would then expect these to be shared with both Mr Bahi, so he has answers about the care his wife was given, but also across other teams in the NHS so lessons can be learnt and improvements made to protect patient safety.”
Julie Lewis, Partner