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M69 Closure After ‘Seven Road Traffic Collisions In 90 Minutes’

Local Police Take Decision Following Icy Weather Problems


Leicestershire Police closed a section of the southbound M69 on Sunday morning (December 29th) after a spate of accidents within 90 minutes linked to icy weather.

Seven accidents were reported on the southbound carriageway stretch between Junction 3 and Junction 1 from 7am to 8.30am, with none of the motorists involved suffering serious injuries.

The road was subsequently closed for regritting and re-opened to traffic around 11am, although police reemphasised the importance of drivers taking extra care in icy conditions.

Sgt Paul Clarke, of Leicestershire Police’s Road Policing Unit, said: “Now is a good opportunity to officer a timely reminder to motorists to take care while driving in icy conditions.

“Adjust your speed to suit the conditions and thereby ensure that you can proceed with reasonable safety. Remember, your stopping distance can be twice as much on wet roads and up to ten times greater on snow or ice, compared to dry roads.”

Expert Opinion
While it is welcome no one suffered serious injuries in the incidents reported on this stretch of road on Sunday, these problems do highlight the need to ensure safety comes first in difficult driving conditions.

"Drivers need to take care at all times of the year, but particularly at winter when the risks of black ice and adverse weather conditions are much greater. We represent many people who have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of crashes over the winter and have seen first-hand the consequences that such collisions can have.

"However, as well as being the responsibility of road users, it is also important that local authorities do their bit to ensure steps are taken to make routes as safe as possible for those using them across winter."
Neil Whiteley, Partner